Helix Biogen Institute and Anesvad Foundation Strengthens Biomedical Research in Oyo


In a significant stride towards advancing biomedical research and healthcare solutions, Helix Biogen Institute, a distinguished biomedical research hub situated in Oyo, has joined hands with the esteemed Anesvad Foundation, an international non-governmental organization focused on enhancing health across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This collaborative partnership aims to synergize efforts for the greater cause of promoting health as a fundamental human right.

Helix Biogen Institute, under the stewardship of renowned scientists, researchers, and bio-entrepreneurs, led by the visionary Prof. Julius Oloke of Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, and Dr. Oladipo Kolawole, Head of Microbiology Department at Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to pioneering innovations in the realm of healthcare and biotechnology.

Dr. Oladipo expressed his optimism regarding the partnership, highlighting the institute’s prowess in attracting global collaborators and investors. This strategic alliance not only bolsters their financial standing but also provides access to a diverse network of experts, offering invaluable insights that affirm the institute’s potential to introduce groundbreaking solutions to the market.

Fostering Breakthroughs in Neglected Tropical Diseases

Anesvad Foundation’s involvement ushers in a new chapter for Helix Biogen Institute, particularly in the realm of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), which disproportionately affect underdeveloped countries. The partnership will significantly amplify Helix Biogen’s biomedical research operations, with a focal point on the development of point-of-care diagnostic kits for NTDs. This alignment holds the promise of mitigating the economic impact of these diseases on vulnerable nations.

Elevating Ogbomoso’s Biomedical Landscape

The affiliation with Anesvad Foundation not only promises scientific progress but also extends its benefits to the local community. By enhancing its laboratory capabilities and facilitating the recruitment of top-tier talent, Helix Biogen Institute contributes directly to the economic growth of Ogbomoso. This burgeoning biomedical innovation hub is positioned to fortify its collaborations with prestigious universities and expedite the transformation of creative concepts into tangible market solutions.

A Turning Point for Ogbomoso’s Startup Ecosystem

Dr. Oladipo emphasizes that the decision to collaborate with international partners is a pivotal moment for Ogbomoso’s startup ecosystem. This alliance signifies a shift in the narrative, propelling the region towards becoming a thriving center for cutting-edge enterprises. The palpable excitement surrounding this partnership hints at a promising future for Ogbomoso as a hub of innovation and economic growth.

Embracing a Promising Future

The partnership between Helix Biogen Institute and Anesvad Foundation reverberates with potential. As this collaboration unfolds, Oyo’s biomedical landscape stands poised for transformative growth. The convergence of expertise, resources, and shared vision lays a robust foundation for advancements that will not only elevate healthcare but also nurture Ogbomoso’s status as a frontrunner in the global innovation arena. With this collaboration, the future looks brighter than ever, as scientific innovation and societal progress intertwine to shape a better tomorrow.

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