Constituents Demand Apology or Threaten Recall of Lawmaker Over Alleged Actions

Constituents of a certain Rivers State House of Assembly member are calling for an apology or threatening the initiation of the recall process, highlighting their disapproval of actions perceived as opposition to the State Governor.

Expressing deep-seated concerns, the constituents issued a statement urging the lawmaker to apologize or face the possibility of a recall due to the alleged formation of a parallel government against the state’s existing administration.

Citing Section 110 of the Nigerian Constitution, which empowers constituents to recall lawmakers, the statement emphasized the mandate given to representatives to create legislation and contribute to the constituents’ welfare.

The constituents accused certain House of Assembly members of attending meetings and pursuing actions against the governor’s will, raising questions about their commitment to their constituents’ interests.

Calling for action, the statement rallied men and women from the affected constituencies to initiate the recall process, emphasizing the representatives’ obligation to the people who elected them.

Moreover, constituents demanded an apology from the lawmaker representing their constituency, specifically citing an alleged involvement in events on October 30, 2023, in Rivers State, or face the consequences of the recall process.

The statement further demanded transparency regarding the representatives’ activities and contributions to their constituents since assuming office, highlighting the need for accountability and responsiveness to the people’s needs.

This move by constituents signifies growing dissatisfaction with the perceived actions of certain lawmakers, echoing a call for accountability and alignment with the interests and aspirations of the electorate.

As the issue escalates, it underscores the vital role constituents play in holding elected representatives accountable and emphasizes the need for lawmakers to align their actions with the interests of the people they serve.

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