“Customs Comptroller-General Urges Firearms Responsibility and Professionalism”


Adewale Adeniyi, the acting Comptroller-General of Customs, has delivered a stern message to the newly recruited officers and personnel of the service. Speaking at the passing-out parade for 956 general duty junior personnel at the Customs Training College in Kano State, Adeniyi emphasized the importance of responsible firearm use and improving human relations.

In his address, Adeniyi called on these new recruits to exercise professionalism in handling weapons and to refrain from any misuse of firearms. He stressed that the era of rampant incidents involving the shooting of innocent Nigerians had to come to an end, urging the personnel to treat every individual with absolute respect and fairness.

Adeniyi extended his congratulations to the officers and reminded them of their role as ambassadors of the service. He assured the Nigerian public that the Customs Service would not hesitate to take strict action against any officer who violated the rights of citizens.

“You are expected to serve your nation with diligence,” Adeniyi stated, “be presentable discipline-wise and in appearance, while also maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times.”

The acting Comptroller-General emphasized that upholding these values was not just a duty but a necessity. He encouraged the new officers to present themselves in a smart and professional manner, reflecting the pride they should take in their roles as customs officers. He urged them to be paragons of excellence and service in every aspect of their conduct.

In response to Adeniyi’s words, Comptroller Rasheed Adahunse, the Commandant of the Customs Training College, acknowledged the dedication and character of the graduating junior officers. He highlighted that this particular basic course, 1/2023, began on March 22, 2023, and within this relatively short period, the graduates had mastered a range of skills, both in their field and academically.

As the new officers step into their roles within the Nigerian Customs Service, the emphasis on responsible firearm use, professionalism, and respect for citizens’ rights sets a positive tone for their service to the nation. Their journey will undoubtedly shape the future of customs operations in Nigeria.


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