Davido Celebrates “Timeless” Album Success with Lavish Diamond Pendant



Afrobeat sensation Davido is marking the monumental success of his album “Timeless” with a lavish celebration. The artist recently acquired a stunning diamond-crested pendant to commemorate the achievements of his multi-platinum album.

The exquisite pendant, valued at over 500 million naira, was meticulously crafted by the renowned luxury jewelry brand Local Kettle Brothers UK Jewelers. This dazzling piece of artistry serves as a symbol of Davido’s remarkable accomplishments and the undeniable impact of his album “Timeless.”

In an Instagram video shared with his fans, Davido is captured taking delivery of the impressive jewelry from the creators. The video showcases the moment the diamond pendant is carefully retrieved from a secure box and elegantly placed around the artist’s neck. The joy and satisfaction on Davido’s face are evident as he expresses his delight in transforming mere sand into these magnificent diamonds.

With a fitting caption accompanying the video, Davido wrote, “I turned sand to diamond,” alluding to the incredible transformation his music has undergone to achieve such phenomenal success.

“Timeless,” the album that has catapulted Davido’s career to new heights, was released earlier this year. The album’s immense popularity is highlighted by its astonishing achievement of surpassing 1 billion streams. The accolades and recognition it has garnered cement its status as a true masterpiece in the world of music.

Davido’s acquisition of this extraordinary diamond pendant is not only a personal celebration of his musical journey but also a testament to the power of talent, dedication, and artistic excellence. As he proudly wears this dazzling emblem around his neck, it serves as a constant reminder of the transformational impact his music has made, turning humble beginnings into glittering success.


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