Deila Regrets Not Signing Nigerian Victor Boniface


In a surprising admission, Club Brugge coach Ronny Deila has openly acknowledged his regret at passing on the chance to sign Nigerian striker Victor Boniface during his tenure as Valerenga’s coach. Deila characterized his decision at the time as “stupid” and acknowledged that it was a significant oversight in his career.

Victor Boniface, the 22-year-old Nigerian striker, recently emerged as a meteoric talent in the football world. However, his journey to stardom was not without its share of setbacks. Boniface had once undergone trials at Valerenga during Ronny Deila’s reign as coach. Sadly, he was not selected, a decision that now appears to be a missed opportunity.

After departing Valerenga, Boniface’s career took an unexpected and remarkable turn. In 2019, he joined the ranks of former Norwegian giants Bodø/Glimt. His time at the club was nothing short of impressive, showcasing his incredible potential. Following a standout period with Bodø/Glimt, Boniface secured a move to Belgian side Royale Union Saint Gilliose, sealing the deal at €6.1 million.

The Nigerian striker’s debut season in Belgium was nothing short of exceptional. His outstanding performances on the field garnered significant attention. Boniface’s remarkable statistics, which included 17 goals and 12 assists in 51 games, spoke volumes about his talent and contribution to the team.

The pinnacle of Boniface’s career journey arrived when he earned a €20 million move to Bayer Leverkusen in the summer transfer window. His transfer to the German club was a testament to his incredible rise in the football world and the recognition of his extraordinary abilities.

Since joining Bayer Leverkusen, Victor Boniface has been nothing short of exceptional. His performances on the field have been scintillating, leaving fans and pundits in awe. In just six appearances, he has scored six goals and provided three assists, showcasing his prolific goal-scoring prowess and playmaking skills.

Reflecting on his past decision, Ronny Deila openly admitted his regret, describing it as a mistake. He explained that, at the time, he already had a similar striker in his squad, which led to his decision to overlook Boniface’s potential. However, with the benefit of hindsight, Deila now recognizes that it was indeed a regrettable oversight—one that has come to define Boniface’s incredible journey in football.

Victor Boniface’s remarkable rise from a rejected trialist to a football sensation serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the sport. It highlights how talent and determination, when given the right opportunity, can propel a player to the highest echelons of the football world.

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