Ehie Edison Stands Firm Amid Threats and Intimidation

Addressing journalists, Rt. Hon. Ehie Edison, reaffirmed his unwavering allegiance to Governor SIM, emphasizing his commitment to the people of Rivers State despite recent threats and attacks.

In a resolute statement, he clarified that no amount of intimidation would sway his loyalty. He stood firm in supporting the governor, highlighting the mandate given by the people and his responsibility in safeguarding their welfare.

Expressing concern over the attack on his residence, he underscored the disregard for the well-being of his family, particularly his wife and two young children, amid the traumatic experience inflicted upon them.

Defiant in the face of adversity, Ehie Edison asserted a strong sense of fearlessness, stating that although one might attempt to harm the physical body, the spirit remains unconquerable, showcasing unwavering determination and resolve.

Ehie Edison, holding the esteemed title of Rt. Hon. and bearing the honorific Esq, demonstrates a steadfast commitment to his principles and responsibilities as a representative of the people, regardless of external pressures or threats.

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