Etche Chairman Inaugurates Ultra Modern Market, Vows More Projects


The Chairman of Etche Local Government Area, Dr. Obinna Anyanwu, marked a significant milestone as he unveiled an Ultra Modern Market in Nihi Community, solidifying his commitment to community development and progress.

Commissioned on Wednesday, the market consists of 100 open stalls, equipped with an office and restroom facilities, meticulously built under Dr. Anyanwu’s leadership. This initiative is part of his ‘One Ward, One Project’ campaign aimed at fostering development across all nineteen wards within the local government.

In his address during the commissioning ceremony, Dr. Anyanwu highlighted the importance of this market initiative, emphasizing its role in creating conducive commercial spaces to bolster local commerce and augment the region’s revenue generation.

While urging traders to relocate from roadside stalls to the new market, the Chairman stressed the necessity of maintaining traffic flow and ensuring the safety of traders and commuters alike.

Dr. Anyanwu affirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to additional projects aimed at enhancing the local area, promising that more developmental endeavors are on the horizon.

Commending the initiative, the Executive Chairman of Omuma Local Government Area, Rt. Hon. Chisom Nwaiwu, lauded Dr. Anyanwu’s dedication to uplifting the economic status of Etche residents through tangible projects like the Ultra Modern Market.

Rt. Hon. Nwaiwu expressed optimism about the market’s potential to facilitate economic growth, making life easier for Nihi residents by providing an environment conducive to economic activities and income generation.

The Chairman urged the people of Nihi to take ownership of the market and ensure its preservation for the collective benefit of the community.

Praising Dr. Anyanwu’s commitment to fulfilling promises, the Chairman of PDP in Etche Local Government Area, Barr. John Otamiri, hailed him as a leader dedicated to the welfare of the people, underscoring his adherence to community-focused initiatives.

In expressions of gratitude, representatives from Nihi Community’s Community Development Committee and the PDP in Nihi Ward 7 acknowledged Dr. Anyanwu’s efforts, highlighting the positive impact of the Ultra Modern Market on the community’s economic activities and livelihoods. They expressed profound appreciation for the execution of this people-centric project, recognizing its significance in boosting local economic welfare.

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