Nook International Fashion Weekend advocates decency


The Nook International Fashion Weekend, a prominent fashion event that brings together designers, emerging talents, fashion influencers, and key industry figures, is taking a strong stance for decency in the fashion industry.

At a recent media parley, Ochuko Momoh, one of the visionaries behind the event, highlighted their commitment to promoting decency on the runway and making a positive impact on society. Since its inception in February 2022, the event has been dedicated to showcasing outfits that prioritize decency in dressing. The team carefully selects outfits that align with their theme, ensuring that approximately 70 per cent of the showcased designs embrace a sense of decency.

Another director of the fashion show in Port Harcourt, Odochi Parker, emphasized that decency goes beyond merely making clothing choices. She expressed concern about the prevalence of nakedness in today’s society, which is often perpetuated by revealing garments created by designers. Unfortunately, these immodest clothing choices often end up being worn by children. The issue, according to Parker, extends beyond clothing and touches on personal decency as well. She lamented the fact that the fashion industry seems to have become a breeding ground for immorality, where one may feel compelled to conform to certain standards to gain acceptance.

The Nook International Fashion Weekend is taking a bold stand to combat this trend and redefine the industry’s values. By prioritizing decency in their showcases and encouraging designers to create more modest clothing, the event seeks to lead a positive change in the fashion world. They believe that fashion can be both artistic and respectful, allowing individuals to express themselves creatively without compromising their dignity.

As the event continues to grow in influence, it aims to be a role model for other fashion gatherings worldwide. By championing decency and moral values, the Nook International Fashion Weekend strives to shape the industry into a space that promotes self-expression while respecting the boundaries of appropriateness.

Ultimately, the fashion industry has immense power to influence society, and the Nook International Fashion Weekend recognizes this responsibility. By fostering an environment that celebrates decency, they hope to inspire designers, consumers, and the wider fashion community to embrace a more respectful and thoughtful approach to style and fashion choices. With such initiatives, the industry can evolve into a force that empowers individuals, fosters creativity, and contributes positively to the cultural landscape.

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