Plot To Form Factional National Youth Council In Rivers State Uncovered


Disturbing revelations have surfaced about a clandestine plan aimed at recruiting cultists to establish a splinter faction of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) in Rivers State. The shocking scheme aims to incite turmoil and discord among the state’s youth population.

Alarming details reveal that the Local Government Area (LGA) chairmen have received directives to nominate ten individuals each to serve as executives (EXCOs) for their respective LGAs. Additionally, instructions were issued to secure office spaces for these individuals within their LGAs, indicating a strategic move to execute this clandestine operation.

This discovery has sparked concerns and raised eyebrows within the community, as it poses a significant threat to the stability and peace of Rivers State. The apparent intent to exploit the youths and manipulate their energies towards creating factional divides has raised alarms among concerned citizens and authorities alike.

Such sinister machinations aimed at fostering division and turmoil among the vibrant youth population of Rivers State have been met with stern opposition. Authorities and community leaders have voiced their firm stance against any attempts to infiltrate the youth council with agendas that could endanger the peace and unity of the state.

Efforts are underway to thwart this alarming plot, with calls for heightened vigilance and cooperation among security agencies, local leaders, and residents. This uncovering serves as a reminder of the vital need for collective efforts in safeguarding the youth from being used as pawns in destructive and divisive endeavors.

The imperative to foster unity, harmony, and positive engagement among the youth remains paramount. This revelation stands as a testament to the vigilance required in preventing the exploitation of young minds and maintaining the peaceful coexistence among the vibrant youth populace in Rivers State.

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