Professor Reunites With Former Student, Now A Lecturer, At International Conference


Renowned Nigerian academic figure, Professor Onyemaechi Udumukwu, experienced a heartwarming reunion with his former student turned lecturer at the 2023 Africa, World Literature, and English Language International Conference. The event took place at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), where the emotional meeting between the mentor and mentee transpired.

Professor Udumukwu, a distinguished faculty member at the University of Port Harcourt, had supervised Mr. Daniel’s academic project at the English Department of the same institution. Now, in a captivating turn of events, Mr. Daniel emerged as a lecturer at the English and Literary Studies Department of Rivers State University.

Their paths crossed once more during the academic gathering, where Professor Udumukwu not only served as Mr. Daniel’s mentor during his formative years but also presented the lead paper at the prestigious conference.

The encounter between the academic father and son was met with great enthusiasm and nostalgia, resonating with the shared journey they traversed in academia. Their reunion stood as a testament to the enduring impact of mentorship and the reciprocal nature of learning and teaching.

Witnessing Mr. Daniel’s evolution from a student under the guidance of Professor Udumukwu to an accomplished lecturer showcased the transformative power of education and the profound influence educators hold in shaping the future.

The heartfelt meeting at the international conference underscored the significance of mentorship and the enduring bonds forged within the realm of academia. It celebrated the continuation of knowledge dissemination and the mentor’s pride in seeing their mentee thrive in the academic sphere.

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