Rivers State Governor Unveils Free Internet Service in Port Harcourt


In a groundbreaking initiative, Rivers State Governor, Sim Fubara, has rolled out an innovative Free Internet Service across strategic locations in Port Harcourt. This novel service is poised to revolutionize internet accessibility in the region.

The Free Internet Service, hosted on the GovSim network, boasts seamless connectivity without requiring a password. It offers residents and visitors unhindered access to the internet, fostering increased connectivity and access to information.

Currently, the service is operational at specific areas, including the bustling Lagos Bus Stop, sections of the Government House axis, and select regions within the Old Port Harcourt Township. These chosen locations signify the initial phase of the broader plan to expand free internet coverage across more areas within the city.

Governor Sim Fubara’s visionary initiative marks a significant leap towards digital inclusion and accessibility in Rivers State. By offering unrestricted internet access in public spaces, this move aims to bridge the digital divide and empower communities with enhanced connectivity.

The introduction of this Free Internet Service aligns with the governor’s commitment to advancing technology and bolstering socio-economic growth. It is anticipated to stimulate educational, entrepreneurial, and social development by providing equal opportunities for all to harness the power of the internet.

This pioneering venture is expected to stimulate various sectors, from education to commerce and innovation, by enabling citizens to access online resources, educational materials, job opportunities, and entrepreneurial platforms without constraints.

The initiative has garnered positive feedback, with residents lauding the governor’s forward-thinking approach towards leveraging technology for the collective benefit of the populace. However, there are calls for the expansion of this service to encompass a more extensive geographical area within the city.

As the Free Internet Service unfolds, there are hopes and expectations for its expansion, ensuring that a more extensive segment of Port Harcourt’s residents can tap into this transformative tool for personal and communal growth. This initiative stands as a beacon of progress and inclusivity in the state’s digital landscape, heralding an era of connectivity and opportunity for all.

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