Stella Damasus Opens Up About Crashed Marriage and Moving Forward


Actress Stella Damasus, known for her talent and controversial love life, recently revealed details about the end of her third marriage with movie producer Daniel Ademinokan. Surprisingly, she discovered the news of the union’s demise on YouTube. While Daniel has seemingly moved on and allegedly remarried, the news caught many by surprise, as the couple had previously shown public displays of affection and described each other as soulmates.

During the early days of their marriage, Stella faced criticism, with many blaming her for the crash of Daniel’s previous marriage to actress Doris Simeon. Some claimed that Stella should have intervened when Daniel took his son, David, from his previous marriage to the United States. Stella addressed these issues in a 2014 interview, defending herself and shedding light on her perspective.

Stella explained, “I am not a kid. I am 36 years old. I am not about to start hiding myself. If I steal something from somebody, and the person is the real owner, they should come and ask me, ‘you took something from me, give me back.’ But nobody did that. Did anybody ever ask, what went wrong? Why would a man pick up his son and walk away from his marriage?”

She further revealed that her marriage to Daniel was initially based on necessity rather than a strong foundation of love. According to her, the influence of religion played a role in their decision to marry, as they were both actively involved in their church’s choir. However, as they went their separate ways, they chose to leave the details undisclosed to maintain respect for one another.

Stella’s transparency about the challenges they faced as a couple sheds light on the complexities of relationships and the impact of external influences. She acknowledged that they were not compatible, and religious pressures led them to tie the knot prematurely. Despite the public scrutiny and blame she received, Stella has chosen to focus on her spiritual growth and moving forward.

In the aftermath of the marriage’s end, both Stella and Daniel seem to have found new paths in life. Stella has been sharing beautiful pictures of herself and her two daughters on social media, portraying strength and resilience. Additionally, several celebrities, including Kate Henshaw, Mofe Duncan, and Bouqui, have shown their support by engaging with her posts and expressing solidarity.

As with any public figure, Stella’s personal life continues to draw attention and speculation. However, her openness about her experiences offers a glimpse into the challenges faced by individuals in the spotlight. Despite the ups and downs, she remains determined to move forward, focused on personal growth, and cherishing her roles as an actress and a mother.


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